Rage [noun]

Definition of Rage:

extreme anger

Opposite/Antonyms of Rage:

Sentence/Example of Rage:

He flung out of the room on to the terrace and strode away in a rage.

Banstead's blatant folly had been enough to set any man in a rage.

The thought set the geyser of his rage roaring and spouting in the face of heaven.

What damned jolly fun it will be to send her out of the house in a rage!

To hear her thus named moved him to a rage almost beyond his control.

The father strode across the room in a sudden access of rage.

Take any sonnet at haphazard, and you will hear the rage of his desire.

He felt suddenly young and futile; his just rage turned to blustering in his ears.

(in a rage, speaking with great fury, and starting up from his chair).

He was working himself into a rage over the wickedness of Taku-Wakin.