Choler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Choler:

In a sudden, blind choler, she swept round, plucked the dagger from Tressan's belt and flung herself upon the treacherous captain.

With the flame of choler on her brow the princess went up to the fugitive, holding out this letter.

Seeing Mona's agitation changing to choler, the Young Doctor intervened.

We said, a strong flame of choler burnt in all these Hohenzollerns, though they held it well down.

The good Deacon began to find the "old Adam rising within him," but as a faithful member of the church he repressed his choler.

But do you remember the generous choler with which Monsieur Lebrenn was seized at your revelation? '

The first is choler, called by physicians flava bilis, which is placed in the liver.

A face red or high coloured, shows a man much inclined to choler, and one that will be soon angry and not easily pacified.

Judge ye of the choler of our prior, and of the grief and anger of all of us that saw this shameful and sacrilegious sight.

Two figures flitted before him, but he lost sight of them, and in the silence and loneliness his choler began to cool.