Bile [noun]

Definition of Bile:

hate, vengefulness

Opposite/Antonyms of Bile:

Sentence/Example of Bile:

This, however, should not be accepted as proving the presence of bile without further tests.

It depends upon the fact that bile acids lower surface tension.

A trace of bile may be present as a result of excessive straining while the tube is in the stomach.

Putty-colored or "acholic" stools occur when bile is deficient, either from obstruction to outflow or from deficient secretion.

The shell is thick, and is surrounded by an uneven gelatinous envelop which is often stained with bile.

It acts also upon the secretions—the saliva, milk and bile— which often become actually poisoned.

You rush out in a rage, you are beside yourself, and are glad to meet a friend, that you may work off your bile.

This had raised his bile against the sex in general, whom he considered as mercenary and treacherous.

You mus' bile-a me in da water, Granny, so me leg is kin come well, un so me y-eye kin come see.'

He affected to look into and through the flesh, and to draw from the body fluids, as bile and blood.