Malignity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Malignity:

Like his father, he had to bear all that Spanish envy and Spanish malignity could inflict.

It was more ferocious than the merely brutal glare of a tiger; it was an intentional malignity, super-beastly and sub-human.

Some dreaded him for his malignity, others envied him for his intimate relations with their master.

The impression which it produced was in unison with the sublime malignity and horror of the landscape.

Your goodness, candor, and sincerity preclude your suspecting in others either fraud or malignity.

And, after all, it is scarcely a proof of personal malignity to wish to be paid one's bill!

They held us accountable for the conduct of those who had left, and vented the malignity of their unfeeling hearts upon us.

It was the sort of revenge one reserved for a foe capable of appreciating its humor and malignity.

Diogenes lifted his head, and the old malignity glittered in his eyes.

I gave you credit for domineering and prejudice, now I see it is malignity.'