Spitefulness [noun]

Definition of Spitefulness:


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Sentence/Example of Spitefulness:

These seemed only to augment the mirth and spitefulness of his tormentors.

Foma did not expect this, and all his boldness and spitefulness suddenly left him.

And if he ever met with ingratitude or spitefulness, he ignored it and dismissed it from his mind.

"It was like his spitefulness to tie them so tight," he whimpered.

Neither his mother nor the baron noticed his attitude of spitefulness.

A thousand kisses, and one even to Fortuna, notwithstanding his spitefulness.

Its spitefulness was directed entirely toward Marjorie herself.

This first whip of the gale seemed to have the spitefulness of disappointed rage.

I am afraid you detect a faint infusion of spitefulness in that question.

Indeed, there were times when her suspicion and spitefulness were more than I could endure.