Viciousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Viciousness:

This is the root of the viciousness of the whole French school.

I think that the first approach to viciousness of color in 17.

Lying, and treacherous disloyalty, and viciousness, and spite.

"He said to me something that made me angry," she replied, with a touch of viciousness.

Peden's emporium of viciousness was a notable establishment in its day.

And viciousness or crime are the result of a derangement in the primary system.

"Of viciousness and commercial calculation," continued Hurlstone hurriedly.

His errors were errors of unprofitableness, but never of viciousness.

I had no notion at the time of the reason for Hedwige's viciousness.

They came at Randall with a viciousness that argued well for their spirit.