Enmity [noun]

Definition of Enmity:

hatred, animosity

Synonyms of Enmity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enmity:

Sentence/Example of Enmity:

Rather blow out your own brains than treat with enmity those who are your liberators.

It is the crystallizer of character, the acid test of friendship, the final seal set upon enmity.

In short, they are human parasites on the larger natives, who suffer from their extortions, yet fear to provoke their enmity.

But this same nature, when pinched and starved, becomes a perfect storehouse of enmity and ill-feeling.

Oh, horrible thought, yet too natural to the unhappy prisoner, everywhere in fear of enmity and fraud!

How true it is that we should always look below the surface of treachery, enmity, and failure for the true gold of success!

You never heard him express any enmity toward the Police Guard—before that night?

Have you ever heard the prisoner express any enmity against this volunteer Police Guard?

Between the red and black ants there is great enmity, and terrible combats take place.

The enmity that caused you to be kidnapped and carried away into the mountains still exists, and exists in even greater measure.