Unfriendliness [noun]

Definition of Unfriendliness:

obstruction, antagonism

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfriendliness:

Sentence/Example of Unfriendliness:

But he was not happy, because of the unfriendliness of the tribe.

Somehow the great forest had lost its air of unfriendliness.

Carl could not tell whether their offishness came from unfriendliness or from embarrassment.

The unfriendliness of the friends who sought to retain her recurred.

About the unfriendliness of the chauffeur there could be no doubt.

She treated him distantly, yet without a hint of unfriendliness.

Bendibow, have you had any occasion to suspect me of unfriendliness since my return here?

Their existence and their unfriendliness to man were firmly believed in.

Here and there, to be sure, he met with the veiled glance of contempt or unfriendliness.

It was absurd, of course, but the air seemed to be full of unfriendliness.