Warfare [noun]

Definition of Warfare:

armed conflict

Synonyms of Warfare:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warfare:

Sentence/Example of Warfare:

As is usual in Asiatic warfare, it was considerably pressed.

All admit or assert that the lance is in this warfare the better weapon.

The little vagabonds were quarrelling over the dbris of these engines of warfare.

Warfare was on the road to extinction, threatened by its very excesses.

Warfare would be dead, killed in her own turn, she who has killed so many.

Troops were mobilized hurriedly, preparations rushed for warfare.

Our warfare must be less exalted, and permits hitting—below the belt.

It was a merciless deed, and yet such was the character of all warfare at the time.

They know nothing of warfare; they but wear their swords as ornaments.

Yet in no instance did he transcend the ordinary usages of Indian warfare.