Fighting [adjective]

Definition of Fighting:

aggressive, warlike

Opposite/Antonyms of Fighting:

Sentence/Example of Fighting:

For example, she’s been involved with a campaign fighting against the anti-smacking movement, which seeks to ban hitting children in places like Wales.

Injuries to the back of the body might have occurred in fighting.

Some say fighting has no place in the sport, while others would counter that a certain degree of on-ice policing is required.

The central bank’s commitment to loose monetary policy, and to keep credit flowing on the cheap were pivotal moves in giving equities a fighting chance as the broader economy crashed into recession.

In 2002, during a period of intense fighting between Palestine and Israel, anthropologist Richard Sosis took a taxi from Jerusalem to Tzfat, in northern Israel.

The in-fighting must stop if we are to take back our country and reclaim our place in the world.

Take the political fighting around whether people should be required to wear masks or the timeline around when businesses should reopen.

There was no fighting; a rifle shot now and then from the crests where we saw our fellows clearly.

He thought they were now in touch with our troops at "X" but that they had been through some hard fighting to get there.

He has been ashore at Kum Kale and reports violent fighting and, for the time being, victory.