Hawkish [adjective]

Definition of Hawkish:

hostile, battling

Opposite/Antonyms of Hawkish:

Sentence/Example of Hawkish:

As Berlin begins to become more hawkish on China, so may the EU.

He had a reputation for being fiscally hawkish and clashed with his boss over financial decisions.

This trend has been confirmed by the fourth resurrection of the infamously hawkish Committee on the Present Danger, a group of national security experts, think tank members and former military staff, some with links to the far right.

The Luftwaffe Marshal gasped, but swallowed the cry of fright as Dave's gun came within ten inches of his thin, hawkish nose.

His eyes were large and gray; his nose of a hawkish shape; his lips very thin.

His long face had a hawkish cast, and it was gray, not with age, but with the sage-gray of the desert.

His hawkish features, upturned moustache, and colourless skin gave him a truly Machiavellian aspect.

The proprietor, a drawn, unhappy looking creature, and a hawkish looking German assistant welcomed me cordially.