Contentious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Contentious:

Opposed to the Brachmanes there are philosophers, called Pramnæ, contentious people, and fond of argument.

"A man shouldn't speak more than twice in his first session, and not at first on too contentious a topic," said Sir Edward.

Possessing a high tempered and somewhat contentious nature, Giberne was involved in numerous sharp controversies.

With unbounded wealth and means of enjoyment, they grew ennuyéed, discontented, and finally contentious.

What but jealousy could give a man that sore contentious wish for the detail of what would make him suffer?

With knowledge thus imperfect, you do not get beyond contentious debate.

It needn't necessarily involve contentious topics, and we might lunch at the Mitre in that window looking down stream.

Anyway it was plain that she could not get very far by arguing with him—he was getting stubborn, argumentative, contentious.

The saintliness of this broad-minded divine's character emerges unsullied from an age of contentious bigotry.

When it suits their contentious mood they become strict literalists.