Testy [adjective]

Definition of Testy:

irritable, touchy

Synonyms of Testy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Testy:

Sentence/Example of Testy:

"That's all right, that's all right," was the testy rejoinder.

This, reader, is the abode of the testy but extremely dignified Mrs. Swiggs.

He didn't know it, but she was trying to say she was sorry she had been impatient and testy.

She was testy too; but this was owing to the neglect she experienced at the hands of her tribe.

He was a testy man, and struck the stone an impatient blow with his staff.

Robert Carvel is as testy as the devil with the gout, and you are not unlike him in feature.

But hitherto he had found none to answer his challenge, and his humour was testy.

"Ay, but there is listening and listening, mistress," was the testy response.

The boy was late getting back to the office, and Whimple was testy.

There were footsteps on the stairs: then a stumble and a testy word.