Grumpy [adjective]

Definition of Grumpy:

in a bad mood

Synonyms of Grumpy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grumpy:

Sentence/Example of Grumpy:

Online, you can find reviews from grumpy customers who say the procedure doesn’t clean ovens that are really spattered.

I become standoffish and grumpy when it’s time to pay the rent.

There are a lot of grumpy, would-be Michelangelos out there who feel that somehow this isn’t “real” design—and isn’t what they signed up for.

Even the gruff, grumpy, unsociable rhinoceros amiably allowed him to stroke its head with his trunk.

Im a confirmed old bachelor, a grumpy, surly recluse wedded to my pipe, but for all that I have eyes in my head.

Never be grumpy, man, when I've got the most glorious bit of fun in the world to tell you, too.

And that was the same as saying that there wasn't anybody any quicker—unless it was Grumpy Weasel himself.

I think I love him a great deal better than my husband, who is getting stout, and grumpy,—what he calls "busy."

"I forgot it, and it burned," sulkily replied Queen Grumpy, buttoning herself into her trailing velvet robes.

Queen Grumpy and King Crosspatch refused to ride in their royal coach of gold and glass.