Griping [verb]

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The second reason is that, by imagining history class as a pep rally or a gripe session, we squeeze the history out of it.

My brother-in-law's wife recently shared a boatload of gripes this sister-in-law has about me, including horrible things she said about my children.

The biggest gripe skiers have had in recent years is overcrowding.

The rest seemed reluctant to identify themselves as they peppered county officials with gripes.

Slogans like “All Cops Are Bastards” and “Blue Lives Matter” have pitted activists against police in ways that fire past the other’s legitimate gripes and poison the well for actual change, even if well-intended.

But Altamont ran between them, and griping the old lady by her arm, dragged her to the door.

In another instant his conqueror had one knee on the chest of the fallen man, and both hands were griping his throat.

I dun und forgit; I'm mo'est sho Hanner is ergwine to ax fer sperrets fur her griping missury.

Griping stint would never have been tolerated by the hospitable master, and virtuous plenty only was admitted by the prudent wife.

The warriors made their bit-griping steeds over the mountains fly, through the unknown Murkwood.