Mutter [verb]

Definition of Mutter:

grumble, mumble

Synonyms of Mutter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mutter:


Sentence/Example of Mutter:

"No living aunt ever looked as you do now," Kitty will mutter, shaking her head.

I heard him mutter as he neared the boat-house where Fin and I were stowing cargo.

I was near enough to hear him mutter: "How the devil comes this here?"

A shadow flitted in front of it, and he stopped to chuckle evilly and mutter.

Gervaise entered, greatly embarrassed, not even daring to mutter an excuse.

The thudding of hooves became a mutter and then a rumble and then a growl.

This exclamation, although but a mutter, was fervent indeed.

"Interestin'—very," she heard him mutter at last, as he glanced toward the bed.

His mutter: “I hope you will be satisfied, confound you,” was addressed to the absent Tom.

Not a word or even a mutter assisted this short and arid handshake.