Grouse [noun]

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A portion of my romance-loving friends groused about the casting.

They groused that Jefferson had won the election only because the Constitution inflated the power of his Southern base through the notorious three-fifths clause that helped allocate electoral votes.

Hundreds of animal and plant species call prairies home — prairie dogs, bison, ferrets, birds such as grouse, plants such as prairie clover and cone flowers, and many, many more.

The gallinaceous birds include the large blue grouse of the coast, replaced in the Rocky Mountains by the dusky grouse.

Inside of Woodcock's wing,—body orange coloured silk neatly ribbed,—hackle from a grouse for legs.

Finding that Regis Brugiere paid little attention to the grouse so carefully pointed, Jim resolved to hunt on his own account.

That Chink of mine is having a holiday with my shotgun, trying to bag a brace of grouse for dinner.

Make a stiff forcemeat from the breast of a fowl or pheasant, or the two breasts of partridge or grouse.

Cut some fillets of grouse into cutlet shapes, also some slices of fried bread; sprinkle the latter with grated Parmesan cheese.

Roast a brace of grouse, and skin them, and mask them with brown sauce in which aspic has been mixed.