Murmur [noun]

Definition of Murmur:

low, continuous sound

Synonyms of Murmur:

Opposite/Antonyms of Murmur:


Sentence/Example of Murmur:

As these occurred, a rustling and a murmur expressed the subdued applause.

The voice became a murmur, and then Andy knew that it had been some man speaking in his sleep.

And in the painful cleaning of the wound he did not murmur once.

And they submitted to this without a murmur; but all sighed for salt!

A change now came in the service, from the murmur of half-spoken prayers.

There was a short consultation, the hush of something wrong, and a murmur of an objection.

Linda could not tell what was happening from the murmur of voices.

“You will want some conclusive evidence,” came the observation in a murmur.

There was a murmur from behind which caused us to glance around.

Murmur soft nothings to the women; flirt but don't have favourites.