Humming [adjective]

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Many so-called "humming tones" are given for practice, but in accepting them observe whether the foregoing principle is obeyed.

This may be done by taking the humming tone and bringing to bear upon it a strong pressure of energy.

The m relates it to the nares or humming tone (which is the basis of all resonance in the voice).

Like many other Yankee notions, it did not thrive here, and the humming of those bees soon ceased.

About an hour after resuming their walk, the major went off in hot pursuit of an enormous bee, which he saw humming round a bush.

I was greatly amused with the humming-birds, of which I saw a considerable number of the smallest species.

At least ten men be sides Gwynne were hovering about Dolly Boutts, like humming-birds about the nectar of a full-blown rose.

Jess went through the room once with ice water, humming, for Violet was better.

Lamb was humming his "Come to Papa" again as he took another and trailed him eastward this time.

Then the drumming and humming became fainter, and at last the sounds died away.