Muttering [verb]

Definition of Muttering:

grumble, mumble

Synonyms of Muttering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muttering:


Sentence/Example of Muttering:

Uncle, after not looking at it a little while, divined its object, and muttering 'Dinner?

And I left him, muttering maledictions against his evil angel.

The man was muttering rapid fragments of words, and syllables.

That was why she passed you muttering to herself and looking so angry.

"You can't get away with it," Miro snarled, muttering a string of curses.

He did not reply and she heard him muttering something, probably his prayers.

He was tossing feverishly from side to side, murmuring and muttering.

He was staring off across the sand, and he was muttering bitter words.

And every night he would look up to it invokingly, muttering I know not what.

He was still looking at his hands, muttering something at the same time.