Croak [verb]

Definition of Croak:

make husky, squawking noise

Synonyms of Croak:

Opposite/Antonyms of Croak:


Sentence/Example of Croak:

But dey can't hang me, no sah, dey can't, 'cause mah man croak two weeks later.

He will awake to drive away the crows which croak around the mountain.

By my sword, the Sweetheart of the Faith, never did frogs at a mid-summer drought croak more frightfully than those scamps.

Suppose we'd croak this man in th' hot par-rt av th' p'litical fight; what happens?

From a small almost black lake rose, like a mysterious wail, the plaintive croak of tiny frogs.

All his intelligence is similar to this, which is to me harsh & unharmonious as a Ravens ominous Croak!

They still use their bass voices in railing, and, though they have the water all to themselves, they still croak about it.

This time it was George who spoke, inquiring, 'Is there anything to croak about, then?'

A muttered petition fell over the baby's face, but she said aloud: "I think it air a-goin' to croak."

Animals followed, and the Givers of life said "Speak our names," but the animals could only cluck and croak.