Caw [noun]

Definition of Caw:

calling out; yelling

Synonyms of Caw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caw:

Sentence/Example of Caw:

Wk-mi-ser, Corn; a warrior of distinction, of the Ne-caw-ee-gee band.

You fellows stay here out of sight and caw like a crow if they make any move before I am ready for them.

"He's surrounding something," said Bill, giving a caw so loud it must have almost scared the crows up in the Bellows Pipe.

Bill propped himself up on one elbow and gave such a yell that it scared the neighbors, and ended with a caw.

On the west bank of the river was encamped Brown's company, which passed us whilst we were organizing at Caw River.

Just then I heard a whistle, followed by the caw of a crow from in front of the house, and I chased out to see what was doing.

At first the call of the koel is a squeak, but later it takes the form of a creditable, if ludicrous, attempt at a caw.

The “Buli” was greeted with cries of “m-m-ka-a” in shrill voices by the women, for all the world like the caw of an old crow.

Ye maun caw canny, or ye'll be ower the burn yet or ever ye're safe upo' this side o' 't!

Ee cawn't stand alone, no more'n one leg of a scissors, which is the Hirish for bachelor.