Clack [verb]

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Mr. Cunningham's description of the drawings of the natives in a cavern on Clack's Island.

This rock has some resemblance to that of Clack Island above-mentioned.

He listened, but I do not know whether he heard much of my clack, and I got very tired of it myself at last.

Up them she went, flattening herself against the stone as she caught the faint clack of muffled oars.

She answered with the same clutter and clack of unknown syllables, growing more and more excited as the dialogue continued.

They hoisted themselves on one of the pieceboards and began to clack together the wooden heels of their brass-bound clogs.

For an hour I sat there and set a syllable of those rhymes to every separate and distinct clack the car-wheels made.

It's morbid to say this; it's unhealthy; it's all that a well-regulated mind like Miss Clack's most instinctively shudders at.

Miss Clack is painfully conscious that she ought (in the worldly phrase) to feel herself put down.

Still, through it all, the busy clack and rattle of the untiring engine.