Prate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Prate:

Is it not late in the day, Hogan, for you and me to prate of honour?

Will you hold your prate, or do you want me to kick you downstairs?

It would be better to prate of Eric's love when he had told it thee, Swanhild.

Prate not of these follies to me—do you take me for one of your priests?

Tis but conceit, and nothing more, to prate of satisfaction!

Men did not prate of art: they wrought in love and simplicity.

I know the age better than you do, though you will prate about it so tediously.

For the chimney-sweep to prate of cleanliness would not be more anomalous.

Most prison reformers, as I say, prate of the injury done to the soul of the prisoner.

And prate of spelling and reading as if they were the cardinal virtues?