Prattle [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prattle:

You know how readily we get into prattle upon a subject dear to our heart: you can excuse it.

As for all the prattle about pre-Raphaelitism, I confess to you I am weary of it, and long have been.

The boy had pattered French with the former since he had first begun to prattle at all.

He listened to people's talk as though it had been children's prattle.

Her prattle seeped in and he became aware of it and what she was saying.

His prattle was the prattle of an unsophisticated maiden lady.

The prattle of lovers and the sober wisdom of experience blended.

She paid as little heed to my words as a nurse to the prattle of a child.

Mr. Draconmeyer smiled with the air of one listening to a child's prattle.

She asked him no other question than this; she began to prattle about her own affairs.