Jabber [verb]

Definition of Jabber:

talk incessantly and trivially

Synonyms of Jabber:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jabber:

Sentence/Example of Jabber:

In a loud sing-song jabber they are repeating something which they read off the slates they hold in front of them.

But when we'd gone along fur a mile or so, one of the Mexicans flopped down on his knees and begin to jabber.

What the deuce would become of the world if youngsters were allowed to jabber like that on every possible occasion?

Presently, as our road wound around a hill we heard a clanking of spurs and the jabber of voices.

Two Kaffirs acted as charioteers, and kept up an incessant jabber in Dutch.

Just as she is, she'd help you mince about from parlor to parlor, and smirk and jabber and waste time.

I swear I'll pitch you out of this gondola, unless you stop that jabber!

All the jabber about protecting me was a farce, and Lechworthys letter was a put-up thing between you.

Maybe we can give the company an extra testimonial for the official jabber and collect when we hit Terra.

The conversation commenced, and the harsh jabber which they carried on was very interesting to the rest of the party.