Jargon [noun]

Definition of Jargon:

specialized language; dialect

Opposite/Antonyms of Jargon:

Sentence/Example of Jargon:

Google’s goal is to help searchers understand jargon or technical terms they might not fully understand, by giving them this additional context without having to leave the page.

There is complex or technical jargon not everyone understands.

The “Seventh Sanctum,” some kind of other god that’s part woman, part machine, talks about how you need to “upgrade your gear,” and doesn’t even bother with the pleasantries of high fantasy jargon.

Climbing is a complicated sport, full of nuances and its own jargon.

People also do this in an effort to portray their highly esteemed intellect—this is when heavy jargon and polysyllabic alternatives to concise declarative expressions appear.

Either define the jargon peppered throughout your quarterly report, or expunge it.

Other times, they make quasi-judicial decisions, in legal jargon.

So instead of widespread “depopulation,” to use the industry jargon, they piled into feedlots, usually a cow’s last home.

We owe it neither to the Syriac tongue nor to the Hebrew, a jargon of the Syriac, in which adultery is called niuph.

I'm quite out of the hunt here, however, for I can't pretend to understand the jargon of the thing.