Colloquialism [noun]

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Now “awfully sorry” is not a western colloquialism, and the girl looked at him attentively.

He must like to figure, to use a colloquialism,18 and his fondness for it must be genuine, almost an absorption.

For instance, the use of "most" for "almost" is distinctly, if not a vulgarism, at least a colloquialism.

Every proverb, every slang phrase and colloquialism, is what one might call a petrified inspiration.

Such a compliment has seldom been paid on so early an attempt at colloquialism in a new language.

To use a very expressive colloquialism, "He never felt himself above his job."

But their very familiarity and colloquialism make them remarkably effective with English-speaking little ones.

Johnson, you say (p. 34) called ‘uncomeatable’ a low corrupt word: rather, as you well say, ‘a permissible colloquialism.’

A colloquialism usually denoting a shilling, valued at twelve and a half cents.

These elements had, however, to use a colloquialism, an "exceedingly rough time."