Expression [noun]

Definition of Expression:


Opposite/Antonyms of Expression:

Sentence/Example of Expression:

You can admire the ambition, but in the end, the feeling is of art as an expression of imperialism.

Children might try tracking a speaker’s lips, watching a speaker’s facial expressions, or following where a speaker is looking.

Online communities that frame themselves as refuges for free expression often find themselves pulled to the fringes, forcing members to either confront the shift or tolerate increasingly radical ideas.

Humans evolved to survive by communicating and responding to cues, down to minuscule shifts in tone and expression.

While the expression “cold hands, warm heart” is considered a compliment, we prefer to have a warm heart and warm hands.

Not being able to see facial expressions because of masks has been unsettling and upsetting, but it is a fact of life for us.

Transparency is vital to protecting freedom of expression, so we have a notice policy for withheld content.

Now, with a few clicks you can swap the sky in any image, drastically edit colors, and even change someone’s facial expression.

Thanks to the work of unprincipled folks in American politics, the mere expression of an opinion, or an emotion, is now viewed as evidence of ingrained bias.

In that sense, it also becomes paradoxically more heavy-handed and less original in its expressions of anger than many of the old-school revenge-fantasy movies that used to be considered junk.