Diction [noun]

Definition of Diction:

style of speech; articulation

Synonyms of Diction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diction:

Sentence/Example of Diction:

But give me a comprehensive idea of the place, in your own inimitable unvarnished diction.

Cibber almost new wrote the whole, and the last act was entirely his in conduct, sentiment and diction.

The critics say that his sublimity of diction is sometimes carried to an extreme, so that his language becomes inflated.

Tragedy is a drama in which the diction is dignified, the movement impressive, and the ending unhappy.

He loved a correct and classic diction, and never underrated style, so long as style was not an excuse for poverty of thought.

His thought is always lucid and weighty, his argument fair and convincing, his diction manly and solid.

Its fluent grace and ease of diction compels and sustains the interest of the reader, whatever page he may peruse.

They differ typically in movement or composition; they have a common ground in diction.

It is to be regretted that the original diction cannot here be preserved.

My style is too finished, you understand, my diction too perfect.