Phrasing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Phrasing:

I have only one reply for these persons; and, phrasing it as politely as I can, I say to them that they are all liars.

The phrasing was unfortunate, though its conciliatory intention was obvious.

No amount of hacking work can take away the eloquence of this phrasing.

He hung fire; he wanted me to help him by phrasing what he meant.

For Bathsheba's phrasing of life was in the monosyllables of a rigid faith.

The fault was only one of phrasing, or rather of incompleteness.

During this revision she discussed questions of subject matter and phrasing.

No exception could be taken to the phrasing or form of this Order.

The phrasing of the edict was ambiguous, as Madison indicated.

But phrasing and spelling are not to be confounded with tone and style.