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We are apt in England to class as an "Americanism" every unfamiliar, or too familiar, locution which we do not happen to like.

I select it merely as an example of a demonstrably vicious locution which ought indubitably to be banished from the language.

It is of course the characteristic Scripture locution for those who in some way enjoy the special favour of God.

"Fighting spooks" is a pretty locution, and every Freethinker would admit that fighting spooks is a most unprofitable business.

This same locution in the vernacular is found in the Tagalog folk-tale of “Lucas the Strong.”

The locution of which we have made use—passed to the state of—has been condemned as a neologism by M. Royer Collard.

This is "good grammar" in Gaelic, and the Irish, when they began to learn English, translated the locution literally.

"Wine of the colour of the windows of the Sainte Chapelle," was a popular locution of the time.

As yet I have not seen "ministers is," but even this barbaric locution bids fair to be reached in course of time.

He believes that the locution was "possibly imported from the southwest of Ireland."