Articulation [noun]

Definition of Articulation:

clear, coherent speech

Synonyms of Articulation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Articulation:

Sentence/Example of Articulation:

The quality of artistic beauty in articulation is very important, beyond the mere accuracy which is ordinarily thought of.

To make the effort of articulation a vital impulse in response to a mental concept,—this is the object sought.

Let your articulation be easy, clear, correct in accent, and suited in tone and emphasis to your discourse.

Mrs. Carroll made a violent effort at articulation, then shook her head, despairingly.

A crunching of feet upon the gravel mixed in with the articulation of the sea—steps light as if they were winged.

According to the place of articulation we distinguish lip stops, point stops, front (palate) stops and back (palate) stops.

Slight variations in the place of closure due to the place of articulation of neighbouring sounds in a word are inevitable.

If we do not trouble to adjust the articulations carefully, if we have lax articulation, we obtain lax vowels.

His articulation now became difficult; but he was distinctly heard to say, "Thank God I have done my duty."

Later on it is important that the pupils should be able to read aloud with distinct articulation and an agreeable voice.