Statement [noun]

Definition of Statement:

declaration, assertion

Opposite/Antonyms of Statement:

Sentence/Example of Statement:

I do not care whether Lord Morley made this statement or did not make it.

I no longer doubted the statement of Thompson and the speculator Smith.

The rashness of such a requirement and statement can escape no one.

I make this statement now in order not to be misunderstood when later I may say that God must be this or that.

There was a pride in the statement with regard to which my first feeling was a pang of envy.

I revert, then, to my statement that God's relation to punishment is chiefly verbal.

Yet when I tell you that God did it you refuse the statement.

But there was one statement that proved too much for their credulity.

Mart spoke with the assurance of one who had firm faith in her statement.

And Mrs. Roberts smiled, and assented to the statement, but not to the proposition.