Manifesto [noun]

Definition of Manifesto:

public declaration

Synonyms of Manifesto:

Opposite/Antonyms of Manifesto:


Sentence/Example of Manifesto:

January, 1874, Mr. Gladstone issued a manifesto dissolving Parliament.

The I, the No. 1, looks out from every word of that manifesto.

I copied out the document, and gave it him with a copy of my manifesto.

I promised he should have it, and I also sent a copy of my manifesto.

The authors of the Manifesto were men of great intellectual gifts.

These concluding phrases of the Manifesto have become the shibboleths of millions.

This manifesto, as it was called, was read publicly in the churches every Sunday.

He then gives the heads of the manifesto, from which Hume has drawn his account.

I have still my copy of the Manifesto which Karl sent me from Paris.

As to the manifesto we have just heard, we will have none of it.