Promulgation [noun]

Definition of Promulgation:


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Sentence/Example of Promulgation:

The scene of that promulgation of the laws was stirring and impressive.

All this, be it observed, was after the promulgation of the Union of Hearts.

The opinion belonged to Marmaduke, who, however, saw no necessity for its promulgation.

It is based on castes and the promulgation of the caste system, which is baneful.

The promulgation of error will do harm, a harm that might be averted if error were suppressed.

The effect of the promulgation of this measure was instantaneous.

The incident which was the occasion of the promulgation of these laws was as follows.

The conflict of patents did not end with the promulgation of the second charter.

Legislative, in the enactment and promulgation of an edict of banishment.

And we set ourselves with great zeal to the task of its promulgation.