Publication [noun]

Definition of Publication:

printing of written or visual material

Opposite/Antonyms of Publication:


Sentence/Example of Publication:

Written years before, at the time of publication he was thirty-three.

The fellow had practised upon my credulity to obtain my likeness for publication.

Soon after the publication of the book, a great calamity came on Fielding.

The publication of this, as I told Mr. Wentworth, will really not matter at all.

His Majesty had cognisance of it, and forbade the publication of the names.

To genius must always go two gifts, the thought and the publication.

All income of the Society is devoted to defraying cost of publication and mailing.

When Carrier learnt of it the things he said were less than ever fit for publication.

From this one issue that I have read I can see only praise for your publication.

Beatrice is going to finance the publication of it and Gay is going to be the sales manager.