Issuing [verb]

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As I fought, I noted some camera issues which made me disoriented in corners.

A video montage highlighted various issues — the coronavirus pandemic, a mental health crisis and protests against inequality — as Balvin stood underneath a massive sculpture of praying hands.

He feels his issues are understandable and that society has the problem, not him.

“What’s left is probably a lot smaller than some of the plaintiffs’ attorneys had hoped for, and carries with it other potential issues,” Mason said in an interview.

Through articles known as editorials, this team shares opinions on major issues of public importance.

Personal episodes mingle with engaging disquisitions on the dilution of antitrust law and other arcane economic issues.

I think forever that this board will have to live with the fact that we have allowed external, non-relevant issues to impact this election today.

Parents and union members say that some schools aiming to reopen soon still have outstanding building issues.

All of those logistical issues were the main brunt of figuring out a shoot.

The past few months have seen the industry come together to solve one of its most challenging issues.