Allot [verb]

Definition of Allot:

assign; give portion

Synonyms of Allot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allot:

Sentence/Example of Allot:

The general rules of debate are that participants alternate in who is asked each question, and then respond to the points made by their opponent and offer their own arguments during their allotted time.

To find out which direction leads you back to your residence, you are allotted just one question for them to answer.

If I get possession in the next two years, and you allot me the grazing rights to that area, I'll pay you the balance.

This commission was to allot the public land, in small parcels, to such poor citizens as might apply for it.

I can trust Time to allot me, like every other man, my proper place, or to cast me down if I have been unduly exalted heretofore.

Each of the middlemen would allot himself a profit of from twenty to two hundred per cent.

Do the internal proofs allot all to Fletcher, or assign any share to Shakspeare?

And besides their assigning the twelve signs of the twelve houses, they allot to each house its proper business.

Thou never couldst allot conflicts between men: oft hast thou given to those to whom thou oughtest not—victory to cowards.

The chorus of exclamations, which you may allot at choice, ended in laughter as the galvanised circle broke up.