Apportion [verb]

Definition of Apportion:

divide into shares

Synonyms of Apportion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apportion:

Sentence/Example of Apportion:

A meeting of chiefs was held to apportion the work and divide the men into parties.

I noticed the manner in which thou didst apportion the pigeons, but said nothing; but the chicken, my dear sir!

But there are no fresh spoils to apportion, and the Over-Lord threatens to take the prize of one of his peers, even of Achilles.

Mrs. Dillingham seemed to know exactly how to apportion the constantly arriving and departing guests.

On sledging journeys it is usual to apportion all food-stuffs in as nearly even halves as possible.

I will apportion our chances fairly, and will drink two; you shall drink one.

Exclusive competence of a privileged lawgiver, to discern these essences, and to apportion names rightly.

The first step was, as usual, a treaty between the allies to apportion the fruits of success.

The House must know the facts in order fairly to apportion representation.

Then we reflected that these poor devils needed it badly, so it was hard to apportion the blame.