Divvy [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Divvy:

General Divvy pounded the desk before him frantically and screamed for order until he was black in the face.

They both laughed, and when Fulkerson was gone, Mrs. March asked her husband what a divvy was.

"Divvy, Mike," said the men hanging upon the bar, winking openly at one another.

He seemed to be speaking to the Maggie of long 206 agothe little girl who stood ready and anxious to divvy up with all the world.

It aint no millionaire stunt, but it sure does pay a steady divvy, Mr. Bates assured him.

Brother John then turns in the order to the treasurer and gets twelve dollars for it, and then they 'divvy' on the thing.

His gang of four-flushers think it's a divvy, but the boss has the wad and they're gettin' one-half of one per cent handouts.

"I don't stir from this place until I get my share of the divvy," he declared firmly.

A long time ago I wanted to divvy up with Patty, and Bobby 299 and the rest.

About a month after we commenced falling I actually got a "divvy" out of my place.