Collect [verb]

Definition of Collect:

accumulate, come together

Synonyms of Collect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collect:

Sentence/Example of Collect:

Hooks into the data these agencies already collect, cleans it up, then pipes it into a dashboard to help these transit agencies find ways to improve their routes and ridership.

This is truly a unique notebook to write, draw, or collect your thoughts.

That trend is similar to, though a bit faster than, the one indicated by real-time temperatures collected by Argo floats.

That water will instead run downhill, collecting sediment, rocks and other debris.

Because 8kun is difficult to navigate and rife with other disturbing content, many people interested in QAnon instead use aggregators that collect and present the Q drops.

I want to make sure that I can collect enough data to detect a difference between water chilled in fresh or salty ice.

Solar panels on the front of the device collect energy from sunlight.

Working with blood from volunteers collected before and after BCG shots, the student spiked the samples with the tuberculosis microbe, Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Or, if dogs aren’t your thing, opt to clean up trash, repair trails, or collect data for a citizen-science project.

Interactions and polls are ways publishers can collect intent data, special interest and demographic data.