Muster [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Muster:

For this we muster the spirit of America, and the faith of America.

And yet in the end Pop was able to muster a fairly good imitation of a frown.

He also thought it good policy to display all the assurance he could muster.

Kirkwood acceded, perforce; and bided his time with what tolerance he could muster.

He did what he could to muster a smile, and returned, 'Your fancy.

The muster was for the ceremony of passing the Government Inspector and the Doctor.

He took it and cast it back to me in abhorrence and contempt, with all the strength he could muster.

I shall now, with as much alacrity as I can muster, go on with your commands.

The next day Mrs. Gordon drove, in what state she could muster, to Corbyknowe.

I thinks to myself at the time "it's all up with Muster Gashford!"