Collection [noun]

Definition of Collection:

group, accumulation

Opposite/Antonyms of Collection:

Sentence/Example of Collection:

The collection in the Academy I thought much better, but still far enough behind similar galleries in Rome.

At length the great Pit Town collection was housed as it deserved to be.

I have made a small collection of early stories, and some of them are interesting enough to be quoted.

In the collection and method used, considerable annoyances are experienced.

Outside Derby station was a ticket platform at which all incoming trains stopped for the collection of tickets.

Looking back now it seems to me the office staff was in some ways a curious collection and very different to the clerks of to-day.

The collection should have numbered 119 different pieces, but there was not a complete set for sale.

He hesitated, and his glance fell on a collection of foreign stamps exposed in the window.

The late Duke of Sussex had a large collection of pipes and tobacco boxes.

Altogether, we spent five consecutive days hovering around that collection of law-enforcers, in imminent risk of capture.