Acquiring [verb]

Definition of Acquiring:

obtain or receive

Synonyms of Acquiring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquiring:

Sentence/Example of Acquiring:

The Wizards acquired Michigan State’s four-year point guard Wednesday in a draft-night deal that sent the rights to Washington’s No.

Vox Media kicked off the merger wave in September 2019 when it announced plans to acquire New York Media, publisher of New York magazine.

He will also continue in his role as a part-owner of TSM, after increasing the stake he acquired as part of a groundbreaking two-year contract he signed in 2019.

Matthew Clark, Hogan’s chief of staff at the time, said he would contact some of the labs, but made clear that acquiring test kits was not his first concern.

With his newfound free time, the father of two vowed to acquire an untapped skill every week.

The state has invested $10 million so far into planning how to quickly acquire and distribute the vaccine once it becomes available.

Covington, 29, was acquired by the Rockets at the trade deadline in a deal for Clint Capela, and his arrival ushered in a brief era of center-less lineups.

If they can’t find a way to acquire him, they will be hard-pressed to find a comparable replacement.

For media companies that are acquired by private equity firms, it can feel like the death knell is tolling.

The fitness company isn’t alone in trying to use a partnership strategy to acquire new customers.