Hustle [verb]

Definition of Hustle:

hurry; work hurriedly

Synonyms of Hustle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hustle:

Sentence/Example of Hustle:

The hustle and desire to expand eventually led him to seek out his own space in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

He was someone who could do a hustle and a scam just below the radar of getting law enforcement over the hump to care.

At Directive, Izabelle combines her sales hustle mentality and creative writing expertise to cover a wide variety of SaaS marketing topics and support long-term marketing strategy.

What started as a side hustle — selling baked goods — turned into a full-time business in 2019.

Michelle Lovero-Holliday has taken a step back from the hustle of delivering groceries.

If we hustle right smart we can get a pen done 'fore dark, let alone gettin' them cattle into a shed.

You know Ive run the engine attached to The Hustle many a time; the men used to let me do it.

The tall Schree warriors, their long faces expressionless, started to hustle the three captives toward the door again.

I know pretty well when Christmas is comin', by the way I got to hustle, an' the size of the boxes I got to carry.

I want you to hustle back to the hotel and tell Frank that I'm here.