Elbow [noun]

Definition of Elbow:

angular part of arm; angularly shaped item

Synonyms of Elbow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elbow:


Sentence/Example of Elbow:

Late in the first half, Morsell fell to the court and reached toward the side of his face, where the elbow of an opposing player left a visible indentation.

It’s another to curl around a screen, see a big man dropping into the paint and decide to rise for an uncontested jumper from the elbow.

Connecticut’s star player, James Bouknight, was out with an elbow injury.

Junior guard Aaron Wiggins had an elbow issue earlier this season, and senior guard Darryl Morsell had surgery two weeks ago to repair a fractured bone in his face.

She dribbled right against Jaelynn Penn and, in a split-second, crossed back over left toward the elbow area and buried a pull-up jumper.

His arm strength, once elite, waned this year after elbow surgery.

McCarthy was recovering at home from elbow surgery, his office said.

Extra detail like real-time elbow angle could help with even more accurate shot predictions.

Joint protectionWriggling through tight spaces is necessary in most caves—and tough on your knees and elbows.

Despite a rash of outbreaks at meatpacking plants around the country, workers were standing elbow-to-elbow and across from one another.