Fly [verb]

Definition of Fly:

take to the air, usually employing wings

Synonyms of Fly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fly:

Sentence/Example of Fly:

The notion that Republican electoral victories require massive political inequality flies in the face of all kinds of common sense.

It also has a built-in can holder, as well as a large pocket for a phone and a small fly box.

Eventually, the hatched queen flies off with about half the worker bees to start a new colony.

Rather than figuring it out and building that plane as we fly it, we were in a position so to mold the clay that we have been getting already.

The day the derby began, dozens of cases were confirmed, with some isolated in a school building and at least 20 others flown out of town via helicopter.

She flew home to Hawaii and has been sheltering there ever since.

The Ruby Mountains are a big range—90 miles long, 10 to 13 miles wide, with ten peaks that top out above 10,000 feet—but they fly totally under the radar.

Instead of changing processes because the way things were done was laborious and tedious, agency execs and marketers have had to make decisions on the fly, replan media budgets on a dime and make ads in ridiculously short windows to make an impact.

Multiple lawsuits have flown back and forth against Google for, again, breaking copyright law by showing snippets in its news products, and then for market dominance when publisher traffic plummeted after the search giant removed snippets.

When the war ended, the country was obviously flying high after its victory over Germany and Japan, but the problem of meat availability remained.