Skim [verb]

Definition of Skim:

remove the top part

Synonyms of Skim:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skim:


Sentence/Example of Skim:

Skim it well, and stir it frequently with a wooden or silver spoon.

Skim the lard or dripping always before you put in the fish.

Take the gravy that you poured from the meat, and skim off all the fat.

Then skim and strain it, carefully removing every particle of fat.

Put some butter into a sauce-pan, set it on hot coals, and melt and skim it.

For the gravy,--take, that from the dripping-pan and skim it well.

When it boils, quicken the fire, and skim the pot carefully.

Then skim off the fat, and strain the gravy into a clean sauce-pan.

Then skim off whatever milk or impurity may rise to the top.

Skim them well, and keep the kettle covered when you are not skimming.