Shave [verb]

Definition of Shave:

cut outer covering off

Synonyms of Shave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shave:




Sentence/Example of Shave:

After I got home I did not shave for two days, and scarcely ever spoke.

Being here, I may as well have a shave, and get trimmed close.'

All right—and I'll profit by the opportunity to have a shave.

I could see him a little better, if he'd shave himself, and get his hair cut.'

No shower, no shave, no quiet dinner, no walk; all that would have to come later.

He was trembling as Sapt told him how the land lay, and bade him shave me.

He couldn't have been more than eighteen when we first met him, for he never had to shave.

They do not shave their heads as we do, and they generally let the hair on their faces grow.

“It is strange that they do not shave their heads as do our people,” Chebron said.

He said he would walk with me and told his valet to shave him.